About The Rain Makers Team

My name is Floyd Heaton and I am the principle designer of The Rain Makers System. I was born and raised in southern California where I practiced plumbing for 35 years.

The Rain Makers System has been a family affair. The business is currently run by a combination of myself, my sons, and grandsons. We, along with our wives, have devoted over 5 years to the research and development of the system to come out with a bulletproof way to save homes from wildfires.

My father had thirty five years in the plumbing trade and taught my younger brother and I how to install lawn sprinklers systems as a way to earn money in the summer months. Years later we were still installing lawn sprinkles year round and working with my father in the plumbing trade.

I became a plumbing contractor at the age of twenty-five and have been in the business ever since.  Now at the age of fifty-five, I have been the owner of three companies. One of which was a fire sprinkler business that I ran for three years.

I have had  a life long relationship with a few Long Beach Fire Fighters whom I met in college playing basketball at L.B.C.C. and Long Beach State University where we played basketball for Lute Olson. I have picked their brains on numerous occasions about the design of the system.

Our employee (Mitch) and field manager (Chris) during an installation.