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Real Protection Against Serious Wildfire Threats

The potential for loss of human life and property due to wildfires is a growing concern. Early in 2009 nearly 200 people lost their lives and over 3,500 structures burned due to wildfires. Rain Makers Inc. has designed a new, innovative system to protect homes and businesses from the destruction of wildfires. With The Rain Makers System, you can leave your home knowing that your property and structure are protected.  Let our system become your personal fire fighter.

The Rain Makers Inc. system is an exterior fire suppression system that provides a “rain curtain” that protects the structure from the three things that destroy buildings and property: direct flames, embers and radiant heat. Anywhere that these things can cause harm to your structure will be saturated by the “rain curtain” around your home.

The greatest attribute of the Rain Makers System is that it is self-contained, with its own potable water source and generator back-up incase utilities are lost.  It is very versatile and can be designed and installed on all types of construction with minimal visual intrusion.

In addition to wetting and protecting the entire roof, the unique roof units cover a large area and are designed to give the structure defensible space beyond the Rain Makers “rain curtain”. The “rain curtain” has a mixture of water and fire retardant or “wetting agent,” that is biodegradable,  and increases the quality of protection.